People are not that last appointment took a deep breath, but after the action from police college bar howl of the great masters smug Loi republic failed, instant word spread that the body of a large snake that affirmative animal protection.

But rumors are rumors General shall still not have any evidence. So, when Phuong Minh City confirmed risk as a nail column, inside of them rising weird feeling.

Type the correct capacity is too useful, if you have it ...

The African Journal masters except that, in the eyes of the rest of them loomed a hot light.

The risk was secretly afraid Phuong Minh City in the heart, he suddenly had a kind of premonition, I do not represent the kind of bravery can find protected animals in front of everyone. Yet whether the country has come, even if it was already late remorse, his mind was made up later on certain operating the motion must be careful just countless thoughts in your head whether to seek opportunities to escape or not?

It's just that, with his ability to escape is not difficult, just that Beast Ly Mac here, he wanted to keep the basic hybrid is meant business. But still to be run, not run venerable shrines. Justice Department Mac folks know their roots if to New York or alliance Sustainable Earth so annoying how they should respond better new?

At a time when everyone's eyes are sparkling, the decentralized The master suddenly dry cough for an hour, only to risk Phuong Minh City, whispered: "He's our friend." After saying to close your eyes, like a never say so.

Brothers Mac and State Justice Department as crystal dream Ny, head down, in the heart does not have any intentions to do with him anymore.

Phuong Minh City Danger relieved a little, he discovered after The African Journal said this great master, the atmosphere in the car immediately change, but the eyes of three Justice Department looked at him and Mac frankly turned into sincere.

Others do not dare say, but judgments about other people's eyes, the threat to grasp their respective ten parts. God only knows what kind of capability where this is out, perhaps the spiritual experience lineage death countless years.

"The master, his feeling is too scary." Mac Tu Khoa straight face said: "There's this kind of feeling should still tucked away, do not let others know which is best."

"Well, were the only points of the Faculty quintal Mac Tu masters." Phuong Minh City Danger bowed, reverently say. Many people know this is no longer with his deliberate attitude of their respective natural risk more sincere.

Ny Alliance interesting take security, remove the imaging laser swords unusual wear in the hip down, said: "The master, on his hands no weapons seemed appropriate, this laser sword given to him."


Blue eyes seemed full of smiling Ny Alliance, said: "In fact using a laser sword in exchange for a protected animal park, I took great comfort before, so please, let's inclusion."

Phuong Minh City Danger hesitated a moment and then not deny anymore. Frankly, he indeed loves laser swords can compress this. There, he also took out a protection more interesting, assign Ny Alliance, said: "Lady Ny Alliance, told members this second exciting ask her over to the teachers went outside. Nevertheless, these monsters this is also interesting because they beat to death, but I could not be accounted for slightly over convenience only. "

Ny Alliance shook his head, said: "The danger Ming master, if he is not found in the body of this beast animal protection, we basically can not expect them to be. So, part this offering we can not accept. "

Phuong Minh City Danger laugh ha ha, said: "Alliance Ny consumption, not perhaps she forgot Well, to me that says, want to harvest an animal protection really is not any difficult conversation."

After saying this, he again told the players assigned three members, distinguished gave The decentralized master and brother Khoa Mac Tu.

The decentralized masters understand others better, smiled take, saying: "It's been great masters weightlifting method."

The decentralized seen great masters were not deny that taking, the new Mac folks Justice Department under inclusion.

Go here, Phuong Minh City has thoroughly assured risk then, he said, the benefits can not occupy himself only when each person receives benefits, the new heart could be a parallelogram.

But this time not only interesting retain protection, but the economic calendar this time for him to say that was a valuable lesson, tuition only took an interesting book said, he committed volunteer center.

Ny Alliance interesting take security, good will remind: "The Ming Risk masters, if later he met people who have earned the laser on, it is best not to open my mouth to ask people."

"Why?" Phuong Minh City Danger until its memory immediately asked to borrow for, Thai Than face immediately looks very unsightly.

"For us to say Khai Browse, Search laser is his second life except death fraternal co-born community, he said view properties can arbitrarily destined for others borrow it?"

Phuong Minh City amazement danger mouth agape, it's also methodical with this monster, with which he was cynical view Ny Alliance, so why is this lady you borrow for their children.

Ny Alliance smiling, said: "The root of this is only useful for men only."

Phuong Minh City nodded risk grateful to her, watch out later to learn more about other countries' more holidays.

Although the vehicle speed ultrafast room, more highway route is also undergone several new exploration decisions but they still took nearly a day to go to the place.

Naturally, this is because they do not choose astronauts aloft, head aunt did not do so is because the Thai military said idol, here carried astronauts aloft, is a dangerous thing, as well is a very striking thing. But their trip to extremely confidential, so a new one had to sacrifice a little time.

Fortunately, people in the car are master-level characters, little reason for them to say that this does not constitute any interference bastard. Sometimes I stop, all of them spiritual abundance.

This place is a deserted town, architecture patchy narrative itself as the clock of the time unknowingly. There's so wild though, but the structures were still not collapsed, it can be seen from the certainty of this town.

Thai coal in his hand, the vehicle has left the room immediately as small as your palm, there is little risk Phuong Minh City fans looked, the latter also have to earn a new player is easy.

Indeed, only in his gender identity, there are more than hundred types of armor, even a battleship may shrink along with, but no rooms can minimize vehicle.

Eyes without his disguise was seen decentralized version, this home's old gentleman whispered a sentence, although Thai Than with hesitation, but still put the car this small room for their respective risk.

Ny Alliance could not bear to see the look of Thai Than, so took out two interesting security staff, said the donated gifts for their risk Phuong Minh City.

Moment on the teachers and full of joy, there is Thai Than tall then hesitated, said: "Two interesting security staff exchanged a car room, we take up too much and amenities. " After saying that, he turned and whispered words with people, who then immediately took out ten types of weapons can be scaled differently.

Putting these things in front of their respective risk, Thai Than face looks flushed excitement, said: "The master, though the value of these things is not protected by interesting, but a little bit of our mind , ask him to take. "

Phuong Minh City smiled risk taking, verbal questions: "Has quintal Thai military idol, what is this stuff?"

"This is a super fund disposable cannon, in each stage are ten artillery shells, possibly simultaneous emission, emission can also turn. Ascendancy our great intensity, whether that cage level of protection of warships Shengli also completely impossible to be resistance. " In Thai Than voice has a prime standard bolt, said: "This is hardly big weapons may shrink latest research my new country and created, there is again no less powerful assembly line at all brain."

The Ming Risk mouth opens more and more loudly, he unconsciously notorious gender identity in hand, not unexpected thing is this eye-catching super fund cannon incredibly powerful.

For the power of this weapon, Phuong Minh City was sworn Social Risk. There are a thousand times that he did not expect that, Revelation Review imperialist weapon can address the nation's level of compression level of personal weapons.

Just think of this super weapon can mobile be in danger suddenly floating hearts Phuong Minh City for gas, if someone brought this weapon to the magazine ranks Mo Li, the star fired a baby?

Phuong Minh City can confirm Hazard weapons may shrink certainly you could easily bring in magazine Li Mo, moreover before the shells are sold out, confirming that no gods or devils do not know.

There's a fireworks consequences of this ...

Phuong Minh City Danger wiped cold sweat on the head, Empire Khai Browse nothing to do well, why do small arms this local level? Was deliberately want to make terrorist activities?

His mother, after seeing this country nondominant eye, then kept their run to the capital to sell a fireworks sneaky.

Risk lap Phuong Minh City now extremely satisfied because I gave some interesting security staff out.

Maybe for us Thai Than speaking, the value of the larger animal protection these weapons, but for the moment their respective risk speaking, the value of two completely different things.

Bilateral views are extremely satisfied with the time given for this item, The African Journal also silently shook his head, said: "We have to go."

Under the lead of the Thai Than Street, they went into a room that was half collapsed in the town, did not know what Charcoal press agency that a black director to appear.

"It is the gate through the underground waterways, when entering masked please."

Ny Alliance put something soft to soft, Phuong Minh City in kit form risk their school wearing the face, immediately felt on the face had what ticks off soft thin.

After wearing the face, not only does not affect eyesight and hearing people, whereas at respiratory, gently feeling extremely refreshed. Huge body of Thai Thai rigor down, get under the first waterways.